BMW has denied the information about the joint development of a vehicle with Apple.

Deep AppleBMW denied the information about the joint development of car with AppleЗа rulemakers BMW reported holding regular talks with Apple on the use of IT and telecommunications in the automobile industry, however, has denied discussing the possibility of joint creation of the car.BMW denied “car” talks with AppleDeep AppleBMW will not collect electric car for AppleGIGAmirBMW denied the information about the joint development of a vehicle with Apple” /> ERA Nowostawski related articles: 4 “

The culprit flight BMW Dimitrovska bridge got 6 years of the colony – NGS.NEWS

Evening Novosibirskians flight BMW Dimitrovska bridge got 6 years clonings.Novoship to court documents, on August 11, 2012 Margaryan was driving the BMW exceeding the permitted 60 km/h and drove without a seatbelt passengers. On Dimitrovska bridge machine went into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a Nissan Cefiro. Then BMW collided with VAZ-21043.Driver “flying BMW” was imprisoned for six Letojanni Novosibirskprodmash “flying BMW got six years for the death of two chelovecheskaia prandase related articles: 4 “

BMW struck a new blow to her fans – Mail.Ru

Mail.RuBMW struck a new blow to her фанатамMail.EN”I sympathize with the fans of BMW. Favorite brand constantly tests their strength”. These words began his test drive of the BMW 2-series Active Tourer Yuri Orucov. And it can be understood, BMW the new design makes you get used to small …BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer: seven of lukanovski sport Auto.hyperly in the world, BMW has created a seven-seater компактвэнAutonews.ruBMW presented a new family of -IA Autocenter-RosInvest.Somse related articles: 21 “

Robert heat, 1 day ago. Photo: Morgan – DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUРоберт the heat, 1 day ago. Photo: MorganDRIVE.RUБолее in both offices use in their cars aggregates BMW. But the British got lucky. Alone durduran with the prefix Aero name has been done since 2000 1250 pieces. But in the range of Morgana still have old-school model and even three-wheeled cars.and more “

BMW has added freshness of the 1st series.

For рулемBMW added freshness 1st of seriesa rulegroup BMW spent updating of cars 1-series. Restyled model debuted at the Geneva autoshow in March. The most affordable car from BMW was not only external changes, but also a new 3-cylinder power unit. Fresh 1-series will come to …BMW 1 Series lost cylindromas sport Auto.giv Geneva showed updated “penny” BMWCarexpo.ru_ all cars on the same sauteuse related articles: 4 “

Ford showed European competitor BMW X3 – Вести.Ru

Ford showed European competitor BMW Hosti.RuКомпания Ford unveiled in Geneva crossover’s Edge for the European market, which, armed with a pair of diesel engines, try to be in the Old world competition of the German Audi Q5 and BMW X3, and the amount of beauty will threaten even the Volkswagen Touareg. Built on …and more “

On the new platform Volvo will create subcompact “Chinese” – news sports

Sports news on Auto.Gina new platform Volvo will create subcompact “Chinese”news sport Auto.revolvable no plans of making a machine more compact future “forties” on the platform of CMA (Common Module Architecture), developed by the Swedish-Chinese team of engineers in Gothenburg. But the “parent” company Geely, which owns Volvo, …

Finally Drive included in the transmission Volvo XC90 – DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUНаконец-Drive included in the transmission Volvo XC90DRIVE.RUМаленькая Volvo still beat rarely, but neatly. The firstborn of the company in krupnokalibernogo segment XC90 first generation was produced for twelve years, from 2002 to 2014, and became one of the most successful models of the brand. Made 636 thousand cars around …and more “

Volvo and Daewoo faced the Izmailovo – Driver Petersburg

Petersburg дневникVolvo and Daewoo encountered by Izmailovskoye Peterburgskiye about the accident in the Admiralty district showed on remote duty service at 23:37 on March 4. According to an urban emergency Department, the house 2A through Izmailovsky prospect faced two cars. Not left Volvo and Daewoo. At the scene worked …In St. Petersburg on Izmailovsky Prospekt Volvo crashed into DaewooПетербургский related articles: 2 “

Quality spare parts for Volvo – Superomsk

Quality spare parts for ВольвоSuperomskПродажа parts from dismantled vehicles offers a wide choice for those looking for Boo parts Volvo. It is important to disassembly, where are You going to buy the desired items, worked with real professionals. Then nobody here will offer for sale …

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