Toyota showed the updated machine for “Le Mans” –

motor.EN Toyota showed the updated car for Le Mans motor.recomanda Toyota, the reigning world champion endurance, introduced a new version of the sport prototype TS040 Hybrid. From last year’s modification of the machine is modified aerodynamics and kinematics of the suspension. In addition, the engineers managed to reduce the weight …Toyota has updated his championship racing hybridity.RuВ Toyota are going to combine programs in the WEC and related articles: 5 “

presented modular platform TNGA – DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUпредставила modular platform TNGADRIVE.RUО new global architecture Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), representatives of the company began back in 2013. Like the concept of CMF Renault-Nissan Alliance it is not even on the same platform, and the set of modules and components that allow you to create …Toyota introduced a modular platform TNGAАвторевюToyota by 2020 will use the new platform in half автомобилейИнтерфаксToyota is a new platform -News project -Newspaper.RuВсе related articles: 46 “

Garage: Toyota GT86. Report 1 –

TopGearRussia.hihara: Toyota GT86. The report 1TopGearRussia.hyna’s snow outside. The thermometer – minus. On the screen of my computer. “…The editors TopGear calls to Secretariat of the company Toyota to provide a test of the Toyota GT86. The test is held in the form of consumer testing on the roads …

The Toyota RAV4 crossover, will be a hybrid –

motor.MicroSaver Toyota RAV4 will be гибридомmotor.gcompany Toyota has extended the first teasers of the updated crossover RAV4, public which will premiere at the new York auto show. The model appears first modification with a hybrid power plant. No details about the new Japanese until Anastasia …Korolkova, 1 day ago. Photo of the Drive and the company ToyotaDRIVE.RUВ new York will show the Toyota RAV4 crossover HybridЗа рулемToyota showed a new version of the RAV4 shademodel -Om1.give related articles: 36 […]

In Bangkok debuted “sports” Toyota Camry and Corolla – driving

DRIVE.RUВ Bangkok debuted “sports” Toyota Camry and CorollaЗа rulesonline Toyota Camry and Corolla? Make no mistake, all very conditional. Loud sedan only title: special “Corolla” called ESport Nurburgring Edition, and Camry Extremo, although, as you know, neither the Track nor the extreme here and does not smell. The model presented in …brought two modified седанаDRIVE.RUToyota showed a special version of the Corolla and CamryTopGearRussia.ruToyota prepared a special version of the Corolla Nurburgring EditionНарьян-Mar -Kazanfirst.give related articles: 23 “

This year in Voronezh are often stolen Toyota Land Cruiser – Information and service portal Voronezh

Information and service portal Voroniev this year in Voronezh are often stolen Toyota Land CruiserИнформационно-service portal Voroniev this year the most stolen cars Japanese steel manufacturers: Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry. About it at a press conference in the press center of Interfax was told by the Deputy chief of the criminal investigation Department of the MOI …In Voronezh the most stolen cars Toyota Land became CruiserMail.RuМодели Toyota is recognized as the most stolen in Voronezh ablutionary-channel […]

In Perm 30-year-old driver of the Toyota was hit and killed 9-year-old boy – “What’s happening?”

“What’s happening?”In Perm 30-year-old driver of the Toyota was hit and killed 9-year-old boy”What’s happening?”According to the provincial traffic police, the accident occurred at 13:50 days on the street Policeman Vlasov in the 5th house. 30-year-old driver of a Toyota RAV4 hit the pedestrian – 9-year-old schoolboy. The child were crossing the roadway in the wrong place. As a result of road …In Perm Toyota RAV4 ran over and killed a 9-year-old malikai Prikamie Industrial area of Perm Toyota ran […]

teased passengers new minivan – DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUподразнили passengers new минивэномDRIVE.RUПриглашенные journalists sat in the conference room on the territory of Moscow residence Toyota and listened to fiery speeches of the representatives of the company. We talked about the Alphard minivan new generation, which is already a month are sold in Russia. And suddenly the speaker asked them to pay …”Now cannot be closed”. All about the new Toyota AlphardAutonews.ruToyota Alphard got to РоссииBFM.RuМосква: presentation refreshed minivan Toyota AlphardНарьян-Mar – the Reporter online -Independent online […]

Toyota actively converts the model to new platforms – Росбалт.RU

Toyota actively converts models into new platformroot.RUПереход to new platforms and the increased use of standardized laborers will allow Toyota to reduce the cost of development by at least 20%, said Friday Executive Vice-President of Mitsuhisa Kato. In addition, the company …and other “

“Alpina” celebrated the 50th anniversary of spezieria “five” and “six” BMW –

motor.EN”Alpina” celebrated the 50th anniversary of spezieria “five” and “six” BMWmotor.gcompany Alpina in honor of its 50th anniversary, has developed a special modification of the families B5 and B6 Bi-Turbo by building the most powerful cars ever created by this German manufacturer. Both models received a 600-horsepower engine and a range of technical and …Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: AlpinaDRIVE.RUВсе related articles: 16 “

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