The Volvo cars have started to accept online shopping

motor.histomobile Volvo have started accepting the online покупкиmotor.gcompany Volvo has launched a system for receiving ordered on the Internet purchases are delivered by courier directly to the vehicle. The presence of the car owner for the goods is optional. Service Volvo In-car Delivery …Volvo will deliver online purchases straight to the trunk of avtomobilisti.RuАвтомобили Volvo is ready to accept packages from strangers курьеровOverclockers.was himachalis delivery of goods in the trunks of cars -Policy and Denyse related articles: 8 “

Declassified the design of the new flagship sedan Volvo

Autonews.herescreen the design of the new flagship sedan VolvoAutonews.give the Internet a photograph of a scale model of the Volvo flagship sedan called S90. According to CarNewsChina publications that published these images, the toy repeats the design of the future car. The novelty is positioned as the successor to the S80 and …the Appearance of the flagship Volvo sedan is no longer secretly (press release) (Registration) (Blog)Volvo has published the first teasers of the new sedan S90Planet TodayФлагманский Volvo S90 […]

Ukrainian security forces shelled the area of “Volvo-Center” on the outskirts of Donetsk – TASS

Federal Agency news No.Ukrainskie security forces shelled the area of “Volvo-Center” on the outskirts of Dodecatemoria, November 25. /TASS/. Ukrainian security forces with 82 mm mortars fired at the surrounding area of “Volvo-Center” in the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk. About it on Wednesday informed the Ministry of defense declared Donetsk national Republic (DND). “Around 13:30 Ukrainian security forces …the APU over an hour shelled the neighborhood “Volvo-Center” in Dodecahedrane news Agency No.Donetsk: APU fire again “Volvo-center”Novorosia IA (press release) (Blog)the […]

Volvo will deliver Christmas gifts to the car – Wheels

КолесаVolvo deliver Christmas gifts to machinetolocaluser way Volvo is trying to help its customers to avoid pre-holiday bustle, when a huge number of cars score no Parking near major shopping centres. The idea helped bring the partners of the firm in the person of the largest stores in Scandinavia.

Cars Volvo become more comfortable – Journal MonsterAuto

Journal MonsterAutoАвтомобили Volvo become more komfortzimmern MonsterAutoНа recently the company Volvo has presented a new interface for the driver of the unmanned vehicle, which will soon be embedded in most models of the famous brand. Thanks to new technology IntelliSafe Auto Pilot, the driver can learn about …

Volvo will talk about their cars using points Microsoft HoloLens – 3DNews

3DNewsVolvo talk about their cars using Microsoft points HoloLens3DNewsVolvo plans to use HoloLens in the salons of sales. With these points clients will be able to change the configuration of the car and immediately see the result of your changes in a virtual model. In addition, HoloLens Volvo will demonstrate …Of virtual reality: Volvo showed the new sedan in 3DЗа рулемVolvo and Microsoft agreed to develop unmanned автомобиляРБКVolvo shared the first teaser of the new флагмана -Autonews.give related articles: […]

Volvo gives 26 minutes of sleep – driving

ИнтерфаксVolvo gives 26 minutes for Sansa rolemanagermodule a month ago, car number 26 from Volvo company turned out to be not a full car, but only with planting layout, which the Swedes decided to show, in what conditions will have to dwell the owners of the first Autonomous cars.Volvo showed the interior of the transformer unmanned автомобиляИнтерфаксVolvo demonstrated conceptual “time machine”To.RuКомпания Volvo has created an interior for bespilotnikov showed the car with a retractable экраном -CarTimes.Ru – auto news Today […]

Preparing to release an improved version of the electric BMW i3 – 3DNews

3DNewsК is preparing to release an improved version of the electric car i33DNewsBMW BMW i3 is the first BMW production car, producing no toxic emissions into the atmosphere. The machine is equipped with a motor capacity of 170 HP, runs on Li-ion batteries. On full charge the car can travel 130-160 km BMW will increase the car’s range i3NewsYouВсе related articles: 3 “

BMW i3 electric car will significantly increase the range of – DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUЭлектрокар BMW i3 will substantially increase the reserve ходаDRIVE.RUЭ elektromobil the BMW i3 entered the market in 2013 and, in theory, 2016 should be updated. Anonymous sources the publication Autocar claim that cosmetic changes is not limited. The main thing — the machine will increase the cruising range per charge from the current 160 to 200 …BMW will increase the range of electric cars i3 to 200 километровAutonews.ruBMW i3 prepares for обновлениюMail.RuBMW will increase the range of electric cars calesberg […]

Hyundai will develop a competitor to the BMW 3-Series –

Autonews.ruHyundai will develop a competitor to the BMW 3-SeriesAutonews.gcompany Hyundai will develop a new premium sedan that will compete with Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. According to Wardsauto, the head of the American division of the brand Dave Zukowski, car will be sold under its own brand …the Genesis will release rival BMW 3-SeriesCarTimes.Ru – Autoworld Segodnyachko Genesis creates a competitor to the BMW 3 серииCarParkGenesis prepares competitors Audi, BMW and MercedesТелеграфCarexpo.ru_ all cars on one site -Journal […]

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