Street vendor paid for BMW 100 kg of money. Photos Mail.Ru

Mail.RuУличная vendor paid for BMW 100 kg of money. ФотоMail.RuЖительница Chinese Zhengzhou city paid 100 million yuan for the new BMW 730Li banknotes one yuan (8.2 ruble), reports The South China Morning Post. Street vendor paid for BMW 100 kg of money. Photos Photo 1. The money was placed in five 20-pound …Chinese woman paid for “seven” BMW hundredweight small купюр specialties saleswoman has accumulated a trifle “seven” BMW!Sports news on Auto.ecorrespondence.netВсе related articles: 8 “

Updated BMW 3-Series will debut may 7 – CarTimes.Ru – Autoworld Today

CarTimes.Ru – Autoworld Segodnyamultimedia BMW 3-Series will debut 7 маяCarTimes.Ru – Autoworld Segodnia the engine range should include 1.5-liter three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine as the younger BMW and MINI. In addition, the planned release rechargeable from the mains hybrid versions. Its prototype was shown last fall. The composition of the power plant …the Updated BMW 3-Series to declassify 7 maslanka Infoonline BMW 3 series will show 7 маяCarParkBMW 3-Series new generation will present 7 маяCARstarNEWS.comРЫБИНСК -letnews.give related articles: 23 “

Hybrid BMW X5 will be the star of the new film “Mission impossible” – driving

Hybrid BMW X5 will be the star of the new film “Mission impossible”For roleplay-hybrid SUV BMW X5 xDrive40e will play an important role in the fifth part of the famous detective Saga “Mission impossible”. Trailer, showing all the tricks involving “green” crossover already published: hurry to see!and others “

New “five” BMW: a first look – Mail.Ru

Mail.RuНовая “five” BMW: the first взглядMail.RuДо launch a series of “five” BMW new generation is just over a year, and that means finishing the testing of new products is gradually nearing completion. In lenses spies got camouflaged instance, passing tests on the North loop …

BMW Dvorkovich got in an accident – Газета.Ru

Obshchaya Gazeta.РУBMW Dvorkovich was in Dplasma.RuЕдва who left the service center Executive BMW 7-series, which moves the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, at full speed and rammed the Gazelle. The driver of the politician has been charged in the accident “caselist”, which this year acquired the rights. …Of the”Gazelle” crashed into a BMW ДворковичаSnob.histomobile Dvorkovich again got in an accident. Governmental BMW rammed “Gazelle”Obshchaya Gazeta.Rozlozeny BMW Dvorkovich landed in ДТПKazanfirst.giavedoni.<url>-In the related articles: 54 “

German media reported on the new ecomodel BMW –

motor.Chinameca media reported on the new ecomodel BMWmotor.girokonto BMW discusses several types of doors and types of power plants for the new representative of his kalinaki, which will be called i5. In particular, the possibility of installation on new door type “gull wing. This is with reference to …the New BMW will get door type “butterfly wings”News.RuBMW is testing a new generation of 5-Series on НюрбургрингеAutonews.dielectrical BMW i5 “waving wings”sports news on Auto.giliberti Business Portal-TODAY-bigmir)netВсе related articles: 35 “

BMW, Google and Daimler topped the rating of the companies with the best reputation

Lenta.ruBMW, Google and Daimler topped the rating of the companies with the best репутациейLenta.giermanski automakers BMW and Daimler AG, as well as the American Internet company Google Inc. become leaders in the global ranking of companies with the best reputation. To such conclusion came the American research center Reputation Institute according to a survey of more than …BMW has topped the ranking of companies with the best репутациейmotor.ruBMW, Google and Daimler AG have the best reputation in мире3DNewsРейтинг companies with […]

Sedan BMW fifth series sent for grinding to the North loop DRIVE.RU

DRIVE.RUСедан BMW fifth series sent for grinding in North петлюDRIVE.RUОна is the basis of a new sedan of seven series and it will be built all BMW with classic architecture until the next three-pointers. And “seven” will be released even before its premiere on the public is expected in autumn 2015 in Frankfurt. “Five” …

Apple Watch can drive a BMW and Porsche – GIGAmir

GIGAmirApple Watch can drive a BMW and PorscheGIGAmirЗапуск Apple Watch made a lot of noise, and many wanted to attach the arm to sensation (in all senses). Among those who decided to ride the wave of success of smart watches were a couple of brands. BMW and Porsche are among the first released his own app …and others “

Volvo Cars will export cars from China – Behind the wheel

КомпьютерраLabVolvo Cars will export cars from Kitase ruleswise automaker Volvo Cars plans to start exporting cars from factories in China to other countries. Among them experts call the US and Russia, but the company does not confirm the possibility of deliveries of Volvo from China to our market.Three seats in the car: the new class “Lux” from VolvoКомпьютерраLabВсе related articles: 3 “

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